Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sewing Softies

Lately, I’ve been sewing soft toys for the pediatric ward of a hospital and for two groups which assist foster children. These were a lot of fun to make and a good way to use some of my accumulated fabric.  (Not to worry.  I have plenty of fabric left.) 

The chickens were made from either flannel or bubble fleece.

I used cotton for the mice.  The photos show them before and after they were stuffed.  
My 90-year old mom, who taught me to sew, stuffed these and sewed them closed.

The fish were cotton on one side and light blue bubble fleece on the reverse.

Some elephants were flannel and others were fleece.

There were cotton and fleece snakes, flannel dogs and cats, and more flannel chickens.

If you would like to sew softies for a charity, you can find patterns here:

Chickens -
Mice -
Fish -
Elephants -
Snakes -
Dogs - (No pattern. She made a stuffed ornament)
Cats - (I omitted the tail)

Happy Sewing, Everyone!

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